How To Clean A Flokati Rug

How Do I Clean A FlokatiRug

Flokati rug are unique due to their rich history as well as unique methods of production and the irresistible soft texture. If you own flokati rug, you’ll need to take care of it in the best manner that you can. We’ve collected the best tips for cleaning your rug with flokati, including vacuuming, deep-cleaning and more. Learn how to clean the flokati rug.

Shake It Out

If you want to keep the flokati rug appearing new, give it a good shake. All rugs get a good shake every now and again particularly flokati rug!

  • Take on your flokati rug and then take it outside.
  • Take the rug in your hands by the corners, and then give it a strong shake. Continue shaking until it appears like all the dirt, crumbs trash as well as other kinds of treasures, have been sucked out.
  • If you have a big flokati rug, you could get a few additional hands to shake it. Hang the rug on an iron fence or railing, and provide it with a vigorous shake with a broomstick , or any other sturdy stick until the entire debris has been removed.

Air it Out

If it is a bright, sunny, not-windy day, allow your rug to lay outside for a few hours. This allows wool to get back its oxygen. If you own a fake flokati rug that is made from synthetic fibers, this is an ideal option for reviving your rug. The air that your rug gets can help to remove the smell and kill microbes and mites.

What is the best way to vacuum a Flokati Rug?

A regular vacuuming schedule is crucial to keep your rug in good condition. When you vacuum a rug with a flokati pattern, make sure to use suction. The beater brush on the vacuum could pull on the long fibers of the rug, which can result in the rug wearing faster, and in certain instances, it may harm the rug. If your vacuum won’t let you to shut off the beater brush , make use of the attachment for upholstery to clean it manually.

Spot Clean Your Flokati

Spills and spills are likely to occur. Make sure your rug is in good condition by washing spills promptly. If you delay taking the time to remove spots, they will be more difficult to get rid of.

  • Begin by getting rid of any water or waste from the rug.
  • With a clean white cloth, wipe (don’t rub!) as much stain as you are able to.
  • If soap is required you should use only mild detergent made specifically for wool. Make sure not to use hot water since it could cause the rug’s rug to shrink.
  • If your white rag not pulling away the stain, be sure the soap residue is removed with pure water.
  • Let the area to completely dry.

How Do You Get A Large Rug Clean

Are you the owner of a large rug that requires to be cleaned? Take these steps:

  • To wash and revive your flokati rug clean the rug completely with cold water.
  • Next, brush your rug using a metal pet brush. Begin in the middle of the rug and then work your way towards the edges. A few flokati fibers could become stuck in the brush and removed. This is not uncommon however you should make sure to use a gentle touch when you brush your flokati.
  • Once the rug is cleaned and shook, rub it with the corners to let any other debris and water get to the surface of the rug.
  • Let the rug be completely dry prior to putting it into the correct position.

For stubborn spots and stains we suggest having the flokati rug cleaned professionally.