How To Clean A Persian Rug

How To Clean A Persian Rug

To put it another way, Persian carpets are made in modern-day Iran, the ancient Persian homeland. Persian rugs are also called by another name- oriental rug. It is possible to weave an Oriental carpet tightly using a special Persian knot, which is done by hand. Wool is the most common fibre used to make these rugs durable and easy to clean. Persian carpets, on the other hand, should be handled with caution. It would be best to check the rug’s label first. Nevertheless, include these Persian rug cleaning tips in your routine!

Shake It Out

Take your Persian rug outdoors and fold it up. The corners of the rug should be held firmly in place as you shake it vigorously. Shake the rug vigorously until no more dirt, trash, dust particles, or debris fall on it. Continue shaking. An alternative to shaking an enormous rug is hanging it over a railing or fence. Then pound the carpet with a broomstick or other sturdy object. Make careful to cover all sides of the rug as you vacuum.


Starting from the back of the rug, thoroughly vacuum the rug. Using the beater brush to vacuum the rug’s back helps dislodge dirt embedded in the rug’s fibres. Turn off the beater brush when vacuuming the top of a long-fibre rug (3’4″+). Also, do not use the beater brush to clean fringe or knots. You may use the upholstery attachment to hoover up any long fibres.

How Do I Get Stains Out Of A Persian Rug?

The answer to your question about how to remove stains (even pet stains!) from a Persian carpet is right here. Spot cleaning is a good option if your rug simply has a few places that need to be cleaned. Follow these oriental rug cleaning steps:

  • Do your best to get rid of any extra water or debris.
  • You can use a clean towel to blot liquids, such as pee or alcohol. Use the edge of a spoon to remove solid material if the stain has dried.
  • Water and mild detergent should be dissolved in the mixture; this can be used as your cleaning solution.
  • Blot the area with the detergent water using a clean sponge. Rubbing might spread the stain further into the fabric, so be careful not to do so.
  • Repeat cleaning and wiping with a clean sponge until the stain has been removed.
  • To remove the detergent from the spot, wipe the area several times with clean water. Leave detergent in the carpeting, and it will draw in dirt.

How Do You Hand Wash A Persian Rug?

To hand wash the entire rug, follow these steps:

  • Combine clean water and a tiny amount of mild detergent.
  • Scrub the rug with a clean sponge soaked in the water detergent mixture. Begin in one corner and work your way around the rug in a grid pattern.
  • Regularly clean your sponge.
  • After you’ve washed the entire rug, rinse it with clean water. Ensure that all detergents have been removed since they might collect dirt once the carpeting has dried.
  • Allow your rug to dry fully before replacing it on the rug pad. It’s advisable to hang or raise your Persian rug in some way until it’s entirely dried.

If you still have stains after following the steps above, reach out to a professional rug cleaning service as they can solve your problem for you!


Can you power wash a Persian rug?

You must take care of your Persian carpet properly; thus, power washing is not advisable. It would be better if you had professional rug cleaners attend to it.

Can you shampoo a Persian rug?

It is not advisable to wash or wet your Persian rug. A rug shampoo may be harsh for your antique rug; you might as well ask a professional rug cleaner for help!

Can you steam clean a Persian rug?

It’s also not a good idea to steam clean an original Persian rug since it might loosen the fibres over time.

Can you vacuum a Persian rug?

Yes, this is a good idea! Vacuuming your Persian rug will keep it looking its best for years to come. Remove the beater brush from the vacuum and use just suction to clean the carpet.