How To Clean Bathroom Rugs

How To Clean Bathroom Rugs

How To Clean Bathroom Rugs

More than simply a place to rest your soaking wet feet, the perfect bathroom rug can add a splash of colour and personality to the area. For those who are wondering how to wash bathroom mats and rugs, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Listed here are some of the most acceptable ways to keep your bathroom rugs fresh and new for years to come.

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Shake It Out

You may remove dirt and hair from the bath mat by shakily shaking them out every day. Clean the bathroom floor after you shake out the rug to prevent any debris from getting back into the carpet.


We recommend deactivating the beater brush when vacuuming your bathroom mat because the suction is all that is needed. For smaller carpets, the upholstery attachment may be the most convenient method of vacuuming.

How To Wash Bathroom Mats

The materials used to make your bathroom carpet have an impact on how you should clean it. What kind of material is your bathroom rug made of and how should you care for it?

Cotton and Synthetic

Cotton and synthetic fibres are commonly used to make toilet mats, respectively. You can wash your cotton bath mat in the washing machine if this is the case. Use cold water and a moderate cycle to clean your rug. Dry your rug by hanging it up once it has been washed. Before reinstalling your bathroom carpeting, make sure it is entirely dry.

We do not recommend using hot water when washing bath mats or drying them in a dryer to avoid damages.

Wool and Natural Fibers

It’s possible to add luxury and sophistication to the bathroom using natural fibre rugs like a jute rug or a wool runner. On the other hand, natural fibres require a little more attention when it comes to cleaning because you can’t wash them in the machine. It would help if you only used your hands to clean wool and natural fibre carpets. To accomplish this:

  • Water and mild detergent should be dissolved in the mixture and used for cleaning.
  • Scrub the carpeting with a sponge soaked in a water-disinfectant solution. Work your way from the corner to the centre of the rug in a grid pattern.
  • It would help if you rinsed the rug with clean water when you’ve finished scrubbing it. Make sure the detergent is completely cleaned from the carpeting before it dries since it might collect dirt.
  • You should not use the rug pad until the rug is dry. Ideally, the rug should be hung or elevated so that the air may circulate as it dries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a bathroom rug in the washing machine?

We usually recommend checking the care label on your rug to see if you can clean it in the washing machine with cold water; however, some cotton and synthetic carpets can.

Can you wash bathroom rugs with towels?

It is possible to wash your rug with towels and cold water if the rug is machine washable.

How often should you wash bathroom rugs?

Bathroom rugs should be cleaned once a month at the latest.