How To Clean A Polyester Rug

How To Clean A Polyester Rug

With their low price tags and a wide variety of patterns and colours, polyester carpets are an excellent choice for any interior design scheme. Colourful and attractive, polyester carpets range from shag to flat weave. As to whether polyester carpets are simple to clean, you may question. Yes, it is correct! Taking care of your polyester rug is straightforward and essential to ensuring its long life. Cleaning a polyester rug is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Maintaining Your Polyester Rug

Cleaning rugs is one of the best ways to maintain them. Don’t let dust and stains build up before you clean them up.

Shake Your Rug

  • The corners of the rug should be held firmly in place as you vigorously shake it.
  • Shake the carpet vigorously until no more dirt or debris emerges.
  • Hang your rug from a railing, fence, or clothesline if it’s too big for you to shake on your own. Then use a heavy stick to give the rug a solid thrashing.
  • To guarantee that all dirt is gone from the carpet, hit it on both sides.


Have a regular vacuuming schedule to keep your polyester carpet clean and neat. Every few weeks, vacuum both sides of the rug to remove dirt and debris. As a rule of thumb, vacuum rugs in high-traffic areas at least once each week. When it comes to vacuuming shaggy polyester rugs, the process is straightforward. Remove the beater bar from your vacuum and use suction to clean the carpets and upholstery.

How To Spot Clean A Polyester Rug

  • If your rug only has a few areas that need to be cleaned, spot cleaning is an excellent method.
  • Get rid of any extra moisture or debris from the area. Using a clean towel, blot liquids (such as pee or alcohol).
  • If the stain has dried, remove solid material with the edge of a spoon.
  • Combine water and a small quantity of mild detergent in a mixing bowl.
  • Blot the area with the detergent water using a clean sponge.
  • Avoid rubbing as this might push the stain further into the fibres.
  • Rep using a clean sponge until the stain is gone. The rug should then be rinsed with clean water until all of the soap has been gone.
  • Before putting the rug back in place, make sure it is scorched on both sides.

Deep Cleaning A Polyester Rug

Bring your rug outside on a nice, bright day with a soft breeze. If you wash your rug on the lawn, the soap may be hazardous to the plants. To deep clean rugs, follow these steps:

  • Wash your polyester carpet thoroughly with a hose or buckets of water.
  • A pail full of warm or cold water and a tiny bit of mild soap or rug cleaner is all that is needed to clean your carpet.
  • Soak a small area of the rug in the soap mixture to ensure that it does not alter the colour of the rug. After a few minutes of letting the soap rest, be sure to rinse it off properly. You may safely clean the entire carpet if the colour does not fade or bleed.
  • Lather the soap mixture into the carpeting using a gentle scrub brush. Rinse the rug well with water after letting the soap soak on it for a few minutes.
  • Ensure the soap is thoroughly washed off and the water that comes out of the shower is clear.
  • Remove any excess water by rolling the rug into a tight bundle and letting it stand straight for a few minutes.