How To Clean A Natural Fibre Rug

How To Clean A Natural Fibre Rug

Does your natural fibre rug need cleaning? Then you’ve found the proper spot. The answer to whether or not a natural fibre rug is easy to clean has been answered: yes! Hemp rug, silk rug, wool rug, sisal carpet, jute rug-name it, all those are natural fibres. You can clean these fibres easily with the correct equipment and techniques. So whether you want to remove pet stains, spills, or other blemishes from your natural fibre rug, or if you’re just looking to clean your rug thoroughly, here are some of the effective ways for cleaning natural fibre rugs.

Shake It Out

This is the first option you can consider when rug cleaning. You can clean any natural fibre rug by shaking it out.

  • It would be best if you shook out your natural fibre rug in the open.
  • Keep shaking until it looks that all the dirt, crumbs, and other debris have been removed from the surface.
  • You may use a clothesline or railing to hang big natural fibre rugs.
  • Then pound the rug with a heavy stick until it’s wrinkly.
  • Beat the rug on all sides.
  • To get rid of germs or mildew that may be lurking in the carpet, let it out in the sun for a brief period.


Another way to clean your natural rugs is by vacuuming them. You should regularly vacuum your natural fibre rugs to remove dust, dirt and debris.

  • Dust from natural fibre carpets can accumulate under the rug.
  • For the sake of keeping natural fibre dust from becoming a nuisance, vacuum all sides and below your rug at least once a week.
  • Disabling the beater bar may be necessary if your natural fibre rug has a loose weave.

Spot Clean

Natural fibre rugs may be cleaned using the spot washing method, which removes stains. Follow these steps for spot cleaning rugs:

  • Remove stains from your natural fibre rug as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming permanent.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a clean towel and warm (not hot) water. If you massage the stain, you risk pushing it further into the rug’s fibres.
  • Remove as much of the dried solid material as possible using the edge of a butter knife or spoon on spills or places that have dried solid. After that, use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the area and then vacuum it up. To remove the stain, wet a clean towel with water.
  • You can use club soda to neutralize and eliminate acidic stains, such as wine or tomato sauce.
  • Try blotting with a tiny amount of mild detergent mixed in water for those tough stains that don’t come out with water or club soda.
  • After removing the stain, thoroughly clean the area by blotting it with clean water several times.

Water And Natural Fiber

Natural fibres quickly absorb water and other liquids. As a result, it’s critical to use as little water as possible while washing natural fibre carpets so that they can dry thoroughly.

  • Natural fibre rugs should not be soaked, shampooed, steam cleaned, or power washed.
  • If your carpet becomes wet, let it air dry fully before putting it back on the rug pad. If at all possible, place your rug in direct sunlight to assist combat the growth of mould.

Dry Cleaning

You can buy dry cleaning powder for jute and sisal carpets online or at your local cleaning supply store. Sprinkle the powder on the carpeting and then vacuum it up. Remove dirt and debris using cleaning powder.


How to clean jute/sisal rugs?

You can try doing the methods listed above since jute and sisal are both natural fibres.

Can I shampoo my natural fibre rug?

It is not advisable to shampoo your natural fibre rugs. Steam cleaning and power washing are also not recommended.

If you have already finished the steps above, you may call professional rug cleaners for other cleaning methods!


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