How To Do Clean A White Rug

How To Clean A White Rug

Who could resist a white cushy soft rug? It’s impossible! The warmth it gives is top-notch. It could also enhance your white room through texture and elegance.

Follow a carpet cleaning routine to keep your classic white rug at its best! Refer to the options below; here’s to a clean carpet!

How To Maintain A White Rug

Keeping a white carpet clean is more essential than cleaning it after it gets filthy. To save a white area rug clean, follow these guidelines:

Shake Your Rug

  • Take your white rug outdoors and fold it up.
  • As you vigorously shake the rug, hold the rug’s corners firmly in your hands.
  • Keep shaking until the carpeting is free of dirt, debris, and crumbs.
  • Rugs that are difficult to shake by hand can be hung from a fence or railing.
  • Afterwards, use a broomstick or other heavy object to hammer the rug. Do not forget the other side.


  • Starting from the back of the rug, thoroughly vacuum your white carpeting.
  • Using the beater brush to clean the rug’s back helps dislodge dirt embedded in the rug’s fibres.
  • You should not use your vacuum’s beater brush when vacuuming a shag rug or any fibres longer than 34″.
  • As a rule of thumb, avoid using the beater brush to vacuum fringe or knots.
  • With the upholstery attachment, you may vacuum long fibres.

Neutralise Odours

Look no farther for a rug refresher. Baking soda is an excellent odour-absorbing natural product. Sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda on your rug and vacuum it up after a couple of hours or overnight.

Spot Clean

Spot cleaning your white area rug is an option if only a few places require cleaning.

  • For the greatest results, clean up any spill, stain or pet stain as soon as possible.
  • Do your best to get rid of any extra water or debris.
  • You can use a clean towel (you can also use a paper towel) to blot liquids, such as alcohol or pee.
  • You can use a spoon’s edge to remove any solid material from the stained area.
  • Water and mild detergent should be dissolved in the mixture and used for cleaning.
  • Blot the stain with detergent water and a white sponge or towel.
  • Keep your hands away from the stain since this will just spread it.
  • Repeat this process until the tough stains are removed. These stubborn stains may need more effort and energy before they completely disappear.
  • To remove the detergent from the spot, wipe the area several times with clean water.

How To Deep Clean A White Rug

Dirt and stains are an inevitability when using rugs because they are placed on the floor. Get your white carpet back to its original colour by following these rug cleaning steps:

  • Mix water and a tiny bit of mild detergent to thoroughly clean the rug.
  • Scrub the carpeting with a sponge dipped in the water and detergent mixture. Work your way from the corner to the centre of the rug in a grid pattern.
  • Keep your sponge clean by wiping it down periodically.
  • Use fresh water to re-scrub the rug once you’ve finished scrubbing it. Once the rug has dried, make sure you remove all of the detergents.

Before placing your rug back in place, allow it to dry fully. To ensure that your white area rug dries fully, it’s essential to hang or elevate it in some way.

Call a professional rug cleaning service if there are still stubborn stains lurking!