How To Clean A Sisal Rug

How To Clean A Sisal Rug

The leaves and stems of the agave plant are used to make a sisal carpet. To make rope, bags and carpets with sisal fibre is a brilliant idea because it is powerful and highly durable and cheap. When it comes to rug durability, sisal is one of the most robust options available.

Are you trying to figure out how to wash a sisal rug? Cleaning sisal rugs may seem difficult. However, there’s good news: cleaning your sisal carpeting couldn’t be easier! No matter what type of stain you have on your sisal rug, whether it’s from pets, food spills, or anything else, you’ll find the finest ways for cleaning your rug in the following paragraphs.

You can also use natural methods for your sisal rug cleaning. Keep your sisal rug looking its best by following these steps:


Your natural sisal rugs deserve a cleaning. Remove dirt and debris from your sisal rug by giving it a thorough shake.

You may hang a sisal rug from a balcony, fence, or clothesline for big rugs. You can then use a broomstick or other powerful stick to give the rug a vigorous thrashing until clean. Beat the rug on all sides.

Leave the rug outside in the sun for a few minutes to eliminate any germs or mildew in the rug.

Take your sisal rug outside and shake it vigorously while firmly gripping the corners. When it looks that all of the dirt, crumbs, and debris have been removed, stop shaking the container.


To maintain your sisal rug looking its best, regular vacuuming is necessary. Thin dust is left behind when sisal carpets shed their fibres. Once a week, be sure to vacuum both sides of the rug and underneath it to keep dust at bay.

How To Clean Sisal Rug Spots

How to remove dog poop or pet urine stains from a sisal rug is a typical issue we are asked. To remove pet stains, use the spot cleaning approach.

  • Keep your sisal rug free of stains by cleaning up any spills and messes as soon as possible. When a spill occurs, use a clean towel and warm (not hot) water to clean it up. Blot, not rub, since rubbing might cause the stain to penetrate deeper into fibres.
  • You may use the edge of a butter knife to remove as much solid material as possible from dried areas or spills, such as pet excrement. To remove the stain, brush the area with a sharp bristles brush, vacuum it, and then use a clean towel and water. You can use soda to neutralize stains caused by acidic liquids like wine, tomato sauce, and vinegar.
  • Blot the stain with a little amount of mild detergent in water if the stain is particularly stubborn.
  • Clean water should be wiped over the area several times to remove any remaining detergent.

Can Sisal Rugs Get Wet?

In terms of absorption capacity, sisal outshines most other materials. Using too much water to clean a damp sisal rug might result in mould and mildew; therefore, it’s best to use as little water as possible.

Before putting your sisal rug back on the rug pad, make sure it has dried thoroughly if you have to deal with water getting into the rug. To get rid of any mould or mildew, put your rug in the sun. Your sisal rug should not be soaked, shampooed, power washed, or steam cleaned.

Dry Cleaning

You may also use dry carpet cleaning to clean your sisal rug. You may clean sisal and natural fibre carpets with a dry cleaning powder purchased online or at cleaning supply stores. Vacuum the powder off the rug after sprinkling it on it. The cleaning powder will remove all of the dirt and grime from the surface.

If you are done doing these methods above, you may contact a professional carpet cleaner to solve the complex carpet problem for you!